Appraisal Process

There are many steps to the Appraisal Process. We are very thorough and we can ensure we will provide the best San Diego appraisal services performed by a Certified California Real Estate appraiser to develop an opinion of value based on the highest and best use of San Diego real property.

San Diego  Appraiser

The use of the real estate being valued must be profitable and probable and must follow the Uniform Standard of Professional Practice.

With the diverse property types and uses in San Diego, Appraisers can include Market Value, Value in Use, Investment value and Insurable Value.  Most residential properties are given the fair market value of their real estate by using comparable sales located within the same neighborhood, of similar size, age and additional factors.

Our appraisers take all three approaches to value when coming up with a final opinion of value. The cost approach, sales comparison approach and income approach are evaluated to see which approaches will be used. The sales comparison approach is given the most weight when determining the value of most residential homes in San Diego County.

Bryan Knowlton is a San Diego Certified Appraiser and qualified to be an expert witness in the valuation of San Diego residential properties. Please contact us for a free consultation about your residential property so we can help you with your valuation needs.

We can help with all of your Purchase and Refinance Appraisals as well as:

  • Short Sale
  • Measuering service
  • FSBO
  • Tax assessment Appeal
  • review
  • estate planning
  • tax assessment
  • tax re-assessment
  • pre-listing
  • pre-purchase
  • divorce
  • bankruptcy
  • condemnation
  • bail bond
  • tax grievance
  • vacation homes
  • estate settlement
  • financial planning, trusts etc.
  • probate
  • Property Flippers
  • remodel before and after
  • 401K planning
  • partnership dissolution
  • matrimonial
  • elder care (Medicaid entitlement, etc.)
  • reo
  • third party ERC/Relo
  • stigma damage/environmental
  • pmi elimination
  • by court appointment
  • litigation – view diminution, encroachment etc.
  • LLC transfer
  • retroactive for tax basis, etc.
  • replacement cost for insurance
  • guardianship/conservatorship
  • Pre-foreclosure

I also provide real estate appraisals needed for Bail Bonds and more. We can provide same day services when needed. Please call for more information at 858-232-3348.